The Khajiit from Saint Delyn

It was market day and Nehrina attached a small cart to the strongest guar from the herd. She would go to Vivec and run errands for the stable master. Usually they were simple errands, nothing with special responsibility. Mostly she fetched food, materials or delivered messages. Nehrina suspected that this was why she had been given this task. The other Khajiits were often involved in selling the mounts, while Nehrina was never asked to do so. The stable master probably did not trust her that she could work in sales. A little bit of bitterness stirred in Nehrina. “ I have provisions for you.” It was just a quiet purring and Nehrina looked over her shoulder in surprise. Behind her was Vanra, her sister. She was a bit stronger than Nehrina and wore her mop of hair short shorn. She presented a basket of cakes. Nehrina’s eyes began to shine “Thank you!”; She joyfully accepted the basket and put it into the cart. A pleasant smell of berries came from him. They were probably still warm. “ Cake from Vanra eats them best,”; she enthused and checked the belts again. Vanra looked away embarrassed and smiled. She was quite shy, so Nehrina sometimes doubted whether they were really related. Vanra’s culinary skills could not be surpassed, she had inherited them from her late mother. The bitterness could not withstand the scent of the cakes, and so it left to make way again for joy. What did it matter that she was never allowed to work in sales? What could be better than getting away from the farm and seeing something other than meadows, stables and fences? Nehrina stroked the guar and took the reins to lead the animal.With a last loving look at her sister, she left the farm with the Guar in tow and entered the road to Vivec. When she entered the stony path she had to think about the strange traveller. Where his journey had taken him? Vivec or the other way? How many of his kind have already walked this path today? Nehrina took a deep breath, sucked in the air as if she was setting off on her own adventure. In her imagination, the wagon disappeared and was replaced by travel bags attached to a saddle on the back of the guitar. With springy steps and good-humoured Nehrina danced towards the city.


Vivec was a rather small town, which consisted mainly of artificial islands. On the mainland, in front of the heart of Vivec, there was the market and the artisan market with direct access to the small port. Nehrina tied the Guar a little off the beaten track and strolls calmly through the crowded market place. The most diverse traders cavorted here, each stand enticed with different goods. Like every day, there were many travellers in the city today, romping around the smithy and around the bank. It was difficult to get past them and Nehrina tried to avoid them for the most part and chose a cumbersome way to get to the tailor. “ Hello, my friend!”; The tailor approached her with open arms, beaming with joy. Nehrina bowed politely. “ She also wishes you a good day. I’m here to pick up our leather.” The trader nodded. “ But of course. I’ve been counting on you and I’ve put aside the best bits.” Nehrina followed the man to his booth. He rummaged under the workbench in a crate and heaved the first pile of leather on the Dreses. With a gesture of his hand he invited Nehrina to check the goods. Carefully she stroked the leather. She liked the smell. She examined the pieces thoroughly, turned them around and looked at them closely. “ You have outdone yourselves. “ she said after a long time and raised her eyes. The tailor smiled contentedly. “ Only the best for you!”; Satisfied, he watched Nehrina admiring the pieces, then he got a little nervous and rubbed his palms together. “ I hope you will continue to buy from me, despite the circumstances. “ Nehrina shrugged her ears. “ Circumstances?”;, she repeated in bewilderment. The palms of the man’s hands paused and he thought for a moment while he stared at her unrelatedly. “ He never told you”.; Nehrina put her hands on her hips and tilted her head.”This tells what?”; The situation seemed to be extremely unpleasant for the tailor, he avoided Nehrina’s gaze and started rubbing his palms together again. He didn’t seem like he wanted to tell her anything. Contrary to her curiosity, Nehrina had to admit to herself that it probably wasn’t wise to appear too brisk either. This was not appropriate for a servant and in fact Nehrina was less than a servant. She crossed her arms behind her back and smiled a little. “ Forgive her curiosity. This one doesn’t want to get you in trouble. She’ll know about it when she’s supposed to. “ Undeterred, she continued to smile and the trader began to feel better again. Nehrina really didn’t want this friendly man to get into trouble, but she couldn’t deny that curiosity was eating at her entrails and wouldn’t let go. She would later ask around in the stables to satisfy her curiosity. Nehrina paid in haste and loaded the goods onto her cart. The smell of Vanra’s cakes rose in her nose and immediately her stomach spoke up. Hungry Nehrina unwrapped the little cakes and licked her lips. The Guar also began to sniff. Nehrina turned away. “ You’re very sweet, little Guar, but this one won’t share with you!”; Enraptured, she bit into the first cake and closed her eyes with relish. “ Delicious,”; she purred and leaned against the cart. Suddenly she heard angry voices. She put up her ears and listened. “ I don’t want to see you here again, animal. “; a rough voice growled. It came from the other side of the board wall, next to which Nehrina had bound the Guar. A familiar voice answered in a calm tone. “ This one has done nothing. There’s no reason to threaten him” The other voice was held more impatiently and only with difficulty muffled.

“I know who’s after you. . . our island wants nothing to do with this! Get out of here or I’ll skin you alive!”; A tense pause arose. “ As you wish. “ It sounded more like a threat and not like accepting a wish. Steps followed. Nehrina struggled to look busy in her cart and pretended to fix the leather. When two men passed her, she lowered her eyes. The footsteps receded again. Stealthily she threw a glance behind them. They weren’t city guards, probably not even mercenaries. They looked run-down and were accompanied by a pungent smell. Both men were tall and broadly built and each carried an axe on their belts, although Nehrina was sure that men of such a stature could easily fight without weapons. “ Nosy kitty.” Nehrina flinched and looked to the side. The barrel-cuddling adventurer stood behind her, leaning casually against a column and watching her. Nehrina had probably been so absorbed in thoughts that she had not even noticed him. “ At least this one’s got a better place to hide. “; she replied with a grin and threw the last cake out of the basket without warning. Astonished, he caught him and looked at him suspiciously. “ You can eat that. “ Nehrina laughed. “ Unless she tried to poison you. She could use a nice black coat. “ She elegantly made a twist as if she wanted to present an invisible coat. Then she took the reins of the guar. “ Where are you lodged, strange traveller?”; Still looking sceptically at the cake, he thought for a moment. Then he said, “Saint Delyn. “ He sniffed at the cake and put it completely in his mouth. “ In the city?”;, Nehrina asked excitedly and looked at the artificial islands.”;The adventurer appears to be well-to-do. “ She looked at him from the side, judgmental and curious. The adventurer chewed on the cake for a long time, no wonder if you have to shove the whole cake in your mouth. Nehrina waited patiently. “ Excellent!”; The adventurer licked his claws off. “ This one’s sister made her. “ Nehrina sounded a little proud. The adventurer looked at her from unfathomable eyes. “ Saint Delyn costs nothing. “ he then said. Nehrina looked over to the noble buildings and shook her head in disbelief. “ You’re trying to frame them. “ He laughed. It was a nice, deep laugh. “ This one doesn’t lie. It’s true!”; Nehrina put her hands on her hips in a challenging way. “ What’s the catch?”; The adventurer shrugged his shoulders. “ There is none. “ There must be one. Nothing is free,”; she added bitterly. He shrugged his shoulders again. “ Whoever comes first may live there. However, there is not a single piece of furniture in the room. “ Nehrina grinned mischievously. “ A catch after all,”; she noted with satisfaction. She passed the stranger and turned to walk. “ You’re leaving already, nosy kitty? Where are all the questions? Is the kitten no longer interested in adventure?”; Nehrina stopped and looked back at him. “ This one has a lot of work to do. “ She took another step and then stopped again. “ Furthermore the name of this one is not >curious kitten<;, but Nehrina. I'm not a little kitten anymore. “ She pronounced the last sentence almost like an indignant protest. Then she abandoned the traveller and left Vivec.