Dream dancer of Vivec

Within a little farm near Vivec, a group of Guars gathered around a feeding trough. Excited they watched at the hay, which got thrown into the manger. Stumbling they tried to push one another aside, whilst making an awful amount of noise. “Take it easy, yeah? Everyone gets their fair share of hay.” chortled a young Cathay and petted a guars snout. Her name was Nehrina. Her shiny blue eyes sparkled bright and her brown, slightly striped fur, shined in the sunset. Her boots sunken within the mud, Nehrina laid back and watched the guars eating their dinner. “Don’t just stand there! There’s much to do!” A sudden voice appeared across the farm. Nehrina flinched. “Bright moons! “ she screamed and turned around. The stable master, a muscular dark elf with light hair confronted her quite harsh. “There are more than just guars out here. Feed the horses, before it gets dark!” Surprised she pushed herself off the fence and took the bucket, trying not to look into the eyes of the stable master. With a low-hanging head, and without a single thought of protest, she made a run across the paddock towards the horses. Just a week ago, he threw a bucket full of anger in the direction of Nehrina, calling her the slothiest Khajiit he had ever seen. Shaking his head, the stable master disappeared after a short amount of time, which led Nehrina into dropping her eagerness. She took a deep breath. She escaped without a single frenzy or injury. The stable master must’ve had a good day. Humming she stroll towards the stable, to bring the horses their food. “Nehrina must not dawdle as much. She should not get us into any trouble” purred a deep voice out of the dark. The yellow eyes indicated, that it was her father, who stood in the deepest corner of the stable, picking up hay with his pitchfork. She laid her ears right next to her head and said “Excuse this one, father….” Moraska took one step, his black fur almost made him look as if he was invisible. “You are a dream dancer! This one does not know what to do with you! Just dreaming and being happy. Life is more than just a piece of cake.” Nehrina crossed her arms behind her back and scratched nervously the floor with the claws on her feet. “What’s wrong about being happy?” she mumbled subdued. Her father shook his head and gave her a full bucket. He just said “Feed the horses” and continued with his own work. Nehrina did as one has told her and as the night started to rise, she was able to put down her work. Meanwhile, the guars calmed down and laid close to one another in their stables. Silence reigned again. The stable master and his employees went to bed already. Moraska did so as well. Nehrina however, sat on top of the fence of the paddock and looked into the distance. A few boats swang forwards and backward. Her lust for taking one, to start an adventure was urging inside of her. She loved her work at the farm and even her dark elf stable master could be nice at times, but she was eager to travel around the world, she wanted to explore it for herself, without the cities of slavery and the daily duties within. She knew, that the world out there had so much more to offer. She raised herself with a sigh of sadness and started walking slowly towards the barn, in which she would sleep. She took one, wistful gaze to the starry sky, before she cuddled herself next to her favourite Guar. One day, she would take him with her and ride alongside into the depths of the unknown world. Softly, she petted his snout and slowly passed away, dreaming about her upcoming adventures.

The monotonous sound of the broom made Nehrine pensive. The first sunshine touched her dew-covered fur and gradually, life returned at the farm. The guars and horses started to wake up as well and have been led outside with the aid of Moraskas. The movement with the broom started to make a rhythm and turn up rapidly. And as the sun covered the sky with the most beautiful colours, to announce a new day, Nehrina already summed a song, whilst dancing with her broom on the stone floor. She finished her task in next to no time and hurried to the Guars. She saddled them with solicitous care. The grown-up animals would be saddled every single day so that potential customers would see them in their full gear. As soon as the guars are finished, one hat to take them to the grass next to the road to Vivec. The stable master already stood there, talking to a uniformed man. He wore a shiny armour. He seemed to be of high importance. Or at least tried to seem like it. The flawless breastplate led to believe, that he was only wearing the outfit for this special occasion, and not to fight in it. Nehrina stood silently in the shadows next to the guars and watched this scene with great caution. Curious, she put up her ears. “…I can’t change it and there is no further need to talk about it.” said the stranger. The soldiers of the city guard, who were standing behind this ominous-looking man, looked into the distance. The stable master crossed his arms. “So that’s your last word?” said the dark elf, who for his standards looked quite bleach. A nod was all he got. And as soon as the guard turned around, another one gave the dark elf a missive, but didn’t dare to cross eyes. Angrily he tore the missive apart and saw Nehrina. “Do you spy after me?! Did you do your work?” Nehrina stood against his gaze and simply said “This one is finished.” He closed his eyes and lowered his head. As he raised his head again, the anger and fury in his face diminished. He tried to say something but changed his mind after a few attempts and simply walked away. Thoughtfully Nehrina followed him with her eyes. Suddenly she heard the exciting pants of a young Guar. The mounts were now standing in the middle of the road blocking its path. “Hush” Nehrina walked towards them and tried to lead them back to the grass. Her gaze caught the barrels standing next to a wall. A scarily looking shadow occurred behind the barrels. She walked slowly and as natural as possible towards these barrels. She jumped over the barrels, taking the broom with her claws in mid-air and yelled “HA!”, the broom ready to use. The Khajit who tried to hide behind the barrels looked her calmly into the eyes and didn’t move. “What to you want around here? Do you want to steal our cattle?” Nehrina poked him with her broom. The stranger averted her gaze and looked to the barrels, apparently, he was searching for something particular. She quickly kicked against one of the other barrels and picked up one of the caps to use it as a shield. She poked him once again. “Go away!” She pushed him harder, but the dark-furred Khajiit didn’t seem to care and just raised his arms in self-defense. “This one does not want to steal your cattle or anything similar. This one is just passing by.” he said with a deep voice. According to his voice, he appeared to be well-spoken. Far more than Nehrina was expecting. He stood up and said “ I was just worried about the guards.” Nehrina sank her broom. “So you are trying to escape?” Nehrina thought for one second “A thief?” She raised her weapon once more. “Put aside your broom, delusional Khajiit!” The stranger took one step back. A knife was holstered on a belt. His clothes were dirty. His mane, however, was clean and neat. A grim and large scar flitted across his face. He somehow looked adventurous and the thought alone made her heart skip a beat. “He is an adventurer!” She screamed excited and amazed. The Khajiit examined her and pondered about is next words “Yes..yes..this one is.” Nehrina dropped her equipment and jumped from one foot to another. She clapped her hands with joy. “A real adventurer!” Her ears and tail squinted fidgety. Excitedly she whipped forwards and backward, hid her arms around her back and asked “How does one become an adventurer?” But before he was able to answer, her father already shouted her name. “Nehrina!” He backtracked 2 leftover guars, who were standing on the road. He glanced at the strange Khajiit next to his daughter. “What is going on here?” He braced his hands against his hip and looked suspiciously at the two Khajiit. Nehrina could not hold back her excitement and almost exploded due to the news. “He is an adventurer, father! He wanted to explain this one, how I can become an adventurer as well!. Moraskas eyes almost closed to one little vent. “He did, mh?”He stared at the strange Khajiit, who grew more and more uncomfortable with the situation. He lifted his claws in self-defense. “This is an misunderstanding. This one did not have the intention to train anyone, or do anything remotely close.” A dark growl came out of Moraskas throat, as he approached the Khajiit. “If you get this close ever again, this one will tear you to pieces.” These words were followed by bared teeth and the stranger slowly walked around the barrels. “This one wanted to go anyway.” he said, walking back the street in a hurry. Nehrina just stood there with disappointment, but even the harsh gaze of her father could not remove the excitement within her. She talked with an adventurer! It sure must’ve been a sign by the moons. She would become one herself someday soon. But what does it mean to be an adventurer. The stranger wasn’t able to answer her that question. Nehrina just hoped, that she was not doomed to crawl and hide behind barrels as he did.