Life is like a bun at the bakery. One half is dry and the other one blooms with colorful freshness. A lot of people have the habit to nibble the dry and one-dimensional side, to not only feel delighted, to reach the better side sometime soon but to enjoy the taste of it as well. I am sure that many of you have this mannerism too, and so do you. However, I would like to give you an advice: Don’t just nibble at one side of the bun. You should turn it once in a while so that the filling doesn’t fall out and the positive aspect goes astray. Sometimes, when the bun isn’t fulfilling your expectations and you didn’t get what you wanted, start thinking whether you put your own together next time.instead of the already prepared one, which does not differentiate in its appealingness. You are most likely better to make your own creations, especially, if you expected something more out of it. And even if you want to combine mustard with chocolate cream whilst being looked at with raised eyebrows – it is your bun. Despite the disgusted views by fellow people You probably how something can make you happy with these kinds of glances. With headshakes and aversion. You might collide with rejection if your taste is as extraordinary as described, but soon you will realize, that people interact with you because of you and your character and not due to your bun. They come and take a seat right next to you, share and offer theirs. You’ll trade a variety of recipes, even if you don’t have the same taste as one another.

Now, if we go to our starting point, to the part-dry bun and think about the bun, which you created with your own taste – Which one should resemble your life?